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Monday, October 29, 2012


I always receive an inquiry if I allow kids to join trekking activities and if they can endure the trail. Of course I always say yes because we already have so many groups with kids especially for family activities. The youngest trekker we had so far was an 8th month old baby carried by her dad.

During our meeting with our Municipal Mayor TJ Rodriguez, I requested him to enforce policies and age limit for children who want to join the trip to ensure safety and for us to be able to have a proper basis for this type of queries but according to our mayor, there is no age limit as long as they are physically fit and no illness that might be triggered by dust and exhaustion, no heart ailment and walking difficulty, they are with their parents and as long as they would sign the waiver. Since then, we allowed kids as long as they are with their parents and guardians but this is during summer season only.

During rainy season, we discourage kids 8 years old and below and elderly to join trekking activities which usually starts from June to November of each year. This is due to strong current during river crossing. 

Please see above Slide photos of PINAYKEYPOINT TOURS WITH KIDS

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