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Friday, April 6, 2012


April 6-7, 2012
Mount Pinatubo Overnight Camping

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    We had a great time!!!!!
    The trek to Mt. Pinatubo was exciting.... from the jeep ride; the trek and the final ascend in a muddy terrain with a scenic backdrop of "LAHAR", forming walls on each side of the way... Evidence of a violent volcano eruption that obliterated the Military base and the farm that were used to be occupying the entire expanse.... The stream of crystal clear water and the boulders of rocks add to the charm. All the sweat and exhaustion immediately disappeared upon the first sight of the serene deep blue waters of Pinatubo Lake....
    The crew we were with were AWESOME!!! We shared stories on the way up and on the evening while we were at the campfire. History and events not known to many.... The entire experience was made possible and wonderful by Pinay Keypoint (Maam Juliet) and the most wonderful crew in the world (apologies can't recall their names :)) and the officers who went with us to make sure all are well and safe....
    If we will do it again??? HELL YEAH!!!! AWESOME experience!!! And WONDERFUL trip!!!!
    -guysFROMeverywhere (Nilo's group)


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